About Me

Details about my education and career

There are many great designers out there, but what really makes me different is my willingness to learn, appreciation of others on my team, and my honesty, whether that be about the project or about my faults. No one is perfect, but I believe in solving problems, not hiding them. If something could be changed for the better, let’s work towards that together.

• Web design and development through HTML, CSS, WordPress and Squarespace
• Proficient in social media advertising and copy writing on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
• Seven years of experience designing for and using a variety of printing technologies, stocks, and inks
• Preparation and implementation for promotional pieces including apparel, pens, mugs, etc.
• Experience creating cost-effective and unique package and label design

As for experience, I have never had the luxury to work as a junior in any position I’ve had. When starting in small studios, you are responsible for your own projects, and it’s up to you to get them done and keep the company growing.
At my first position as a Graphic Designer at ZR Printing and Graphics, I developed a system through self-study for creating press-ready files for printing on large and small presses and digital machines.
During my time at Blur Design, I personally developed and designed all the websites, including our own. (blurdesign.com)
Currently, I am a Senior Graphic Designer at the international corporate real estate company, Newmark Knight Frank. I create complete brands, brochures, websites and emailers for beautiful buildings throughout Silicon Valley.

In addition, my credentials don’t hurt either.

• Bachelors in Creative Advertising with Honours from Guelph University/Humber College (2013-2015)
• Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design with Honours from Humber College (2010-2013)
• Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts with Honours from Sheridan College (2007-2009)
• Certification in Art Fundamentals with Honours from Sheridan College (2007-2008)

Other Accomplishments:
For fun and personal growth, I’m a Yoga and Pilates instructor and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Whomever said graphic designers just sit around at computers all day, never hung out with me.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I hope to hear from you soon.